Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
It is standard practice for most websites to use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or handheld device (such as smart phones or other devices for accessing the internet). Cookies contain information about the use of your computer or handheld device, for example, pages viewed, IP address, but they do not save personal details which could identify you, for example, your contact details.

Why are cookies used?
Cookies are used for different things by different websites. For our website, we use cookies mainly for statistical information, so we can analyze how our website is used, and for geographical locations, so we can tailor our website to where the user is located. Basically cookies help us to improve your experience within our website.

How to manage cookies?
Typically browsers are set up to accept cookies. To prevent cookies being used, you can change the settings of your browser to reject cookies. The ‘help’ function within your browser will tell you how to do this. However, please remember that if you do switch certain cookies off, those settings will apply to all websites and not just this one, and it may mean that you lose some functions within certain websites. Also, by disabling cookies, you may find your experience within our website is not as good as if you allowed cookies.